A complete Gaming table in 2 weeks

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I bought a box of Warhammer 40.000 Dark vengeance after my son nagged about it for over 2 years. Yeah even I submit to mental torture form time to time. Guess I’m not one of the emperors finest. Anyway because playing a game of warhammer whitout scenery isn’t really fun and since I was flat out of scenery I had to do something quick. Lucky for me I just got my summer leave so I planned to build some scenery from scratch. My goals where simple:

  • Build scenery for the lowest cost possible
  • Try to make it look realistic
  • Make it fast
  • Use stuff lying around the house
  • Make it on scale for 1:32 miniatures which is roughly what Warhammer scale is

Because I never did anything like this before, since I never really played 40k(only painted the mini’s) My first order of buisiness was looking for some “scratchbuild scenery tutorials” on ye great ‘olde World Wide Web.

I found some after googling the  qouted text. and then setup the primary base of the needed materials which I had to buy.  The bill of materials I made was the following:

  • Foamboard (found it at a local hobbystore)
  • Styrofoam boards(found in most hardware and home decoration store)
  • Styrofoam bits (found in most boxes that hold electric stuff)
  • Glue that does not affect foam (the most difficult part but also found it at the hobbystore)
  • Decorative rocks (can be found in any flower home deco store)
  • Cheap spray can of black matt acrylic paint (I use cheap spray cans because it doesn’t have to be fine grained for scenery. I use stuff bought at a store called Action over here because it hardly damages the styrofoam)
  • Some self hardening childrens clay

All in all this costed me roughly 20 euros. Pretty cheap.

For the rest I used stuff lying around the house, cardboard packages, paper, straws, wooden sticks for stirring coffee, Saté sticks, Cans, package materials, etc.

I allready had tools, paint etc. in my possesion so I was ready to go. The tools I used were:

  • Exacto knife and or hobby knife
  • scissors
  • Ruler
  • writing material (pencils, pens, etc)
  • aryilic model panits (GW, Citadel,P3 and Valejo range)
  • Citadel Shades
  • Liquid rust
  • Pigments from Secret weapon and Valejio

And then I was off, I managed to build an entire game table within 2 weeks and I didn’t even work on it full time just in between doing regular stuff and devoting a few evenings to it. It was an incredible experience full of learning on the fly and handeling materials creatively. This post is the main post for this project

 individual posts of the scenery are  linked down here:

I hope you enjoy reading the tutorials on how I built a nice game table in 2 weeks.

Have fun and be nice.

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