Building Pappa Nurgle

Building Pappa Nurgle is Comming to town.

The Idea,

I don’t know how I got the idea exactly but it was around christmas. I went through my mini cabinet and wanted to create something with my old GW Great unclean one. Some time before I had cut the leg parts in 2 because of the awkward pose the original had. Because the model is really fat I thought it needed to sit on a bench so that was built first.

Then it was basically winter and that time of year when the Idea was to make a nurgle sled pulled by 2 nurgle slugs. (Nurgle being the lord of pestilence, decay and rot in the warhammer world)

Materials used (me considering the environment)

My philosophy is to use cheap day to day material preferably waste or broken stuff to create my bases or built it from scratch using putty wood or whatever is needed. I love how you can reuse stuff that you find laying around everywhere and change it to create miniature stuff.

Materials used on the base are:

Cheap childrens model clay for the canyon

Aluminium foil to create the cast for the canyon walls

Gypsum to create casts for the canyon walls

Noch Water effect to create the ice in the canyon

GW plastic flyer base to create ice cones

Baking soda, to create snow

Twigs for trees and foliage

Old brushes to create plants

grass tuffs from I believe GW(don’t remember actually)

fish tank gravel and sand for the ground

glue for slime

Wooden stirring sticks and meat skewers for the bridge

The plinth is a flower pot (upside down)

Materials used on the Sled

Wooden stirring sticks for the sled

Fireworks wooden sticks for larger wooden blocks and for the beam of the sled

matchsticks for smaller beams

needles as nails

Some necklace as the sleds rigging.

yarns and threads for giving the sled ropes where needed

electric wiring for the hinges on sled

Some broken electronic components  and wire insulation for  for the  incense burners at the back of the sled.

Iron wire as the bit for the snails

Miniature Casks  from some game

Gw Bits as limbs

Tobacco for funghi & sand for moss

Sled driver is a GW 1987 undead Cavalry driver

The nurglings are GW  199X

The slugs are 1991 Beasts of nurgle (these were heavily damaged and contained unremovable epoxy) had to redo stuff with paint

Pappa Nurgle is  a Citadel Greater daemon of nurgle from 1991 (see appendix a for parts


Building the thing

I’ve never quite done something like this so this was improv all the way thanks community for sharing your secrets so I could built this. Special thanks for massive Voodoo you guys realy give awesome how-to’s

Building the Base

I’ve never quite done something like this so I had to learn on the fly how to create a cool base to mount the sled on.I started out creating the base bu building a bridge of stirring sticks and Skewers.I then used model clay to mount the gypsum walls creating a crevice.  


Then I added the trees


I did some Early fitting to make sure it ‘ll all work out

Then I painted the base rocks trees etc.


Once I had painted it I added the stream by applying Noch water effect. The water effect didn’t quite do what I wanted so I turned it to Ice.

I then glued on baking soda to create a winter landscape

Finally I added a slimy snail trail and ice cones to finish it all up.

adding gue and ice

Building the Sled

This is the first photo of the sled I made. I just created the platform and am trying out the size comparison There is no driver seat yet only the cart and beams including the copper wire hinge.

Here I put on the bottom part of the sled. The wood was bent by making the sticks wet and bending them around a round pot and then setting it with clamps.


Here I added the rigging the handles are cut and  bent using iron wire.

Here you see the tobacco and sand and the incense burners. The wire insulation used as piping is left over from the copper hinge parts.

Initially the base would be built on the wooden plate but I deemed it unfit for purpose.

The paint on the mini’s is of an earlier attempt I did painting these mini’s (I thought of getting the paint of but didn’t think it was worth the effort).

Here you see the partially painted piece I used a white undercoat. Unfortunately due to weight and size of the entire piece it was hard handling the entire thing and it needed to remain attached. Later on I found out it didn’t



Somewhere along the way the arm fell of due to bad glueing

First attempt on the eyes of the slug. Didn’t much like it, yo can clearly see the bit I made.

All in all the slugs are a nightmare to paint.

I to google and looked up frog eyes and created the yellow eyes.

Appendix A

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